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Ammo Registration Info 2019

California Ammo Registration Basics
California Ammunition Background Check/Registration Begins on July 1, 2019
Cost for the “ammunition eligibility check”?
There are two types of ammo background checks:

• The “Basic” ( brand new to the system) ammunition check will cost $19.00 and will likely be for persons who do not have a firearm listed in the “Automated Firearm System” (AFS), or those whose current address differs from their address for any gun listed in their name in the AFS system, or those who have undergone a legal name change (due to marriage, divorce or other reasons) that is different than their record(s) in AFS.

• The “Standard” (you are already in the system) ammunition check will cost $1.00 and will apply to persons whose information – including current address – matches an entry in CA DOJ’s AFS, and who are not on the DOJ list of “Prohibited Armed Persons.”

• Special note: a person purchasing a firearm may purchase ammunition at the same time and undergo one background check for the gun and ammunition at no additional cost beyond the firearm background check fees. The background check for a firearm is an “immediate” (10 to 30 days) approval and registration into the system.

How long will the background checks take?
CA DOJ says the Standard check (already in the system) may be completed in a matter of minutes using the AFS computer system. Bare in mind that as of June 10th there is NO proven software or training on how it will work, nor is there any information available as to when it will become available for retailors to be trained to operate it. We don’t even know if we have to have dedicated computers and printers to issue “permits” for a sale.

The Basic check (new registrations) will take an indeterminate amount of time; CA DOJ has not committed to a minimum nor a maximum amount of time for this ammo purchase registration check process. There are some registration processes in the DOJ system that take in excess of 30 days for them to complete. Self-registration of handguns currently takes 6 to 8 MONTHS.

Is there a limit on the amount of ammunition that I can purchase?
• There is no limit to the amount of ammunition that can be purchased. Current COE holders are not exempt from the in-store eligibility check, but they can opt for the $1 “COE Verification Process.
Starting on July 1, 2019, the ammunition vendor shall verify with the department, in a manner prescribed by the department (again no one knows how this is to be done as of May 8th), that the person is authorized to purchase ammunition by comparing the person’s ammunition purchase authorization number to the centralized list of authorized ammunition purchasers. If the person is not listed as an authorized ammunition purchaser, the vendor shall deny the sale or transfer. Certain exceptions apply:

30352(e) Subdivision Subdivisions (a) and (d) shall not apply to or affect sales or other transfers of ownership of handgun ammunition by handgun ammunition vendors to any of the following, if properly identified:
(1) An ammunition vendor.
(2) A person who is on the centralized list of exempted federal firearms licensees maintained by the department pursuant to Article 6 (commencing with Section 28450) of Chapter 6 of Division 6.
(3) A person who purchases or receives ammunition at a target facility holding a business or other regulatory license, provided that the ammunition is at all times kept within the facility’s premises.
(4) A gunsmith.
(5) A wholesaler.
(6) A manufacturer or importer of firearms or ammunition licensed pursuant to Chapter 44 (commencing with Section 921) of Title 18 of the United States Code, and the regulations issued pursuant thereto.
(7) An authorized law enforcement representative of a city, county, city and county, or state or federal government, if the sale or other transfer of ownership is for exclusive use by that government agency, and, prior to the sale, delivery, or transfer of the handgun ammunition, written authorization from the head of the agency authorizing the transaction is presented to the person from whom the purchase, delivery, or transfer is being made. Proper written authorization is defined as verifiable written certification from the head of the agency by which the purchaser, transferee, or person otherwise acquiring ownership is employed, identifying the employee as an individual authorized to conduct the transaction, and authorizing the transaction for the exclusive use of the agency by which that individual is employed.
(8) (A) A properly identified sworn peace officer, as defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2, or properly identified sworn federal law enforcement officer, who is authorized to carry a firearm in the course and scope of the officer’s duties.
This means that while at the range you may purchase as much ammunition as you wish without a system check. But, it must ALL be used while at the range and you are NOT allowed to leave with it.
It also means that by law we are NOT allowed to search your bags or other containers before you leave the premises. We are NOT allowed to detain or question you about anything pertaining to something you legally purchased for use here. You have signed an agreement and are bound by that document.

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