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Basic Range Use

California law requires that all persons using the range have a valid government issued photo ID and must be of legal age or with someone of legal age 21 Years of age for both rifle or pistol. Minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian or with an adult that has the express written permission of the parent or legal guardian to use firearms. We require our parental consent form which is found under the Boy Scout Link. Please print it and have it signed before your arrival at the range.

A valid government issued photo ID is required for all adults shooting
We check every ID and feel badly turning people away for lack of proper ID

Rental gun Policy: We DO NOT rent guns to solo shooters unless the individual meets one of the exceptions explained below.
Our insurance policy dictates that we may only rent guns to people of legal age in groups of two or more UNLESS you are Active Duty Military or Law Enforcement. Other exceptions to this rule for the solo shooter include individuals with a membership that is at least two weeks old or individuals arriving at the range with a firearm in their possession.
We also require proficiency with firearms for safety reasons. On Target Staff may ask you for a safe handling demonstration if they are uncertain of your level of experience with firearms. If your experience is considered insufficient we can’t allow out on the range. In this situation we recommend that you return with a more experienced friend that can train you or you can sign up for one of our many classes. Our class schedule is on the calendar, please log in and select a class date to get started.

Your safety and those around you are our primary concern at all times.
Come enjoy yourself, but let’s do it safely.