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Different Shoots


3 Different Shoots, $20 Each Entry Plus try our new Bingo Shoot !!

1.) Shotgun Shoot– 1 Shot 00Buck @25 yards, most in circle wins. Ties shoot tie breaker. Shotgun prize 2.) 22 Pistol Shoot- 8 shots @10 yards, Best Score wins, Ties shoot tie breaker. 22 Pistol Prize 3.) PC9 Rifle Shoot – 8 shots @ 25 yards, Best Score wins, Ties shoot tie breaker. Rifle Prize 4.) Extra $20 Upfront, lets you enter Combined Score and gets an entry to the Wall of Prizes Drawing! Highest combined Shotgun, Pistol, and Rifle, Score wins A Firearm. Ties shoot tie breaker. New Bingo Shoot – Buy a Bingo Card for $20, 5 shots @5 yards.Then must match Bingo numbers Randomly generated by Bingo Machine. We pull Bingo numbers till there is a winner. Buy as many Bingo Cards as you want. Firearm Prize to the winner and each Bingo Card gets an entry into Wall of Prizes Drawing.

All Firearms for shoot supplied by On Target

6 Different Great Groups to Support!

Cal Youth Adventures, Pheasants Forever, California Deer Association, California Conservation Association, Triple B Adventures, and CRPA! All Raffles $20, some $20 Raffles get you more than one Raffle Ticket, per sponsor’s rules. $120 Raffle Card plays all 6 Group’s Raffle and gets an Entry into Wall of Prizes Drawing! Can always play an individual Raffle by walking up!
Enter any Raffle or Shoot and get Free Food and Drink- Pulled Pork, Potato Salad and Beans!
And, of course we will have the Shot Shell, Plinko, and Dice Games to play For Shooting Time Reservation see OnTargetrange.com or call Tom at 714-323-6499

Lane and/or Prize Sponsors Welcome and Needed!!


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