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OnTarget Rifle Policy

On Target has a standard policy (as do most ranges) of allowing all pistol calibers and rifles in pistol calibers shoot on the range. We also have a ballistic backstop and therefore allow centerfire rifles up to .458 magnum to be shot here. We require that a centerfire rifle caliber shooter attend one of our Rifle Card Class (over 450 taught so far) for additional safety instruction. We hold these classes each week on Sunday morning at 9am. The cost is $20 and each student is issued a Rifle “permit” Card upon completion of the course. Without this permit, one cannot shoot rifle here.

Rifle Shooting Policy
Much has been said about our Rifle shooting policy and why we have a zero tolerance towards those that let others use their rifles. The following is a SAMPLE of what happens when a person does not understand basic shooting skills (sight alignment) and has no respect for our range equipment.

We make all Rifle shooters learn and understand their responsibilities and liabilities when shooting THEIR rifle here. Any firearm using a center fire rifle round is considered a rifle. Rifles shooting traditional pistol rounds are not restricted in their use. Any questions or concerns will be decided on a case by case basis. The RSO on duty will make the decision after reviewing the facts – there is no appeal.

The person who had the rifle card let his buddy shoot his rifle one afternoon. The person shooting fired several rounds at the target and didn’t understand why he had zero hits on the paper, some 20 inches lower from the trolley. He further did not understand why the target was swinging back and forth. His friend thought that he had hit the hanger and since he already had purchased the hanger because he had shot it before, did not worry about it.

It was not until they could not get the trolley to come back to the bench did they think something was wrong, terribly wrong. And after $50 in fees and an hour of my RSO time to replace the trolley we have a display piece for our countertop to demonstrate to all what happens.

The following pictures show our normal trolley from several angles as it should look.

Right Side

Left Side


Compare this photo with first one


Right Side

Left Side


The damage caused by this person was not significant in total dollars in time and materials; rather it showed a clear lack of safety and concern on the part of the rifle Permit holder.

This is the reason we are being “jerks” about the rifle card possession and letting just anybody shoot rifles. The damage is severe and the uneducated shooter does not care about hitting something other than the target – Safety while at the range is our first concern and these rounds, while none came back from hitting the steel trolley and backstop, could have done some serious injury to other shooters on the range.

Shooting rifles here is a privilege and one not to be taken lightly. I have seen a major increase in range damage because of rifle shots hitting “things” other than targets. If damage continues I will be forced to rethink my position on rifles and with more than 400 card holders it will have a major impact on rifle shooters.

Police yourselves and those around you – do not let anyone without a card shoot a rifle – remember our safety instructions and the agreements you have signed to get the cards.