CCW Initial Class (2 day class Wed & Thurs) – 6pm

8-hour class offered Saturday morning or Wednesday and Thursday evening (4 hours each night)
– Bring a stiff belt, strongside holster, 300 rounds for first firearm and 100 rounds for each additional firearm. You
may qualify 5 firearms maximum during the class.
– No modifications to your firearms. Only exceptions are sights, grips, lasers, and lights.
– NO magazines greater than 10 rounds allowed. Minimum of one magazine required, but multiple magazines are
highly recommended.

*As per new Orange County Sheriff’s Department requirements, each applicant must be able to break down
and clean their primary firearm. This must be witnessed by the instructor. Bring all necessary cleaning materials
and make sure you know how to break down your primary firearm for cleaning. If you do not have the necessary
cleaning materials, On Target has them available for purchase.

$225 per person

Must be 21 or older to take this class due to the new CA law AB2571


Hourly Schedule

Wednesday Day 1 of 2

6 pm - 10 pm
CCW Initial Day 1 Class
Day 1 of 2 CCW Initial Class

Thursday Day 2 of 2

6 pm - 10 pm
CCW Initial Day 2 Class
Day 2 of 2 CCW Initial class


Aug 31 2022


6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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