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We require at least one experienced shooter per lane. “Experienced shooter” is defined as someone who can safely load and clear their firearms, as well as shoot them fairly accurately. All shooters must follow all range rules at all times, whether or not they have firearm experience.

We have classes available for all levels of experience. If you do not have any firearm experience, start with our Basic Handgun class.

All class signups must be done online. Find the class you would like to sign up for on our calendar. Add the class to your cart and pay online when you check out. If you have any questions about rescheduling a class, you can call us at (949) 348-0352 ext. 2.

We have over 100 different firearms for rent at our facility. Any shooter who rents our firearms must pass a safe handling demonstration before we will rent them a firearm. (See our Firearm Rental Policy.)

Yes, you may shoot by yourself if you bring your own firearm and you are 18 years old or older. You may not rent our firearms by yourself unless you have your own firearm with you OR you have been a member for longer than 10 days.

Yes, you may shoot your own ammunition in your own firearms, with the exception of shotguns. If you are shooting a shotgun, you must purchase our ammunition for safety reasons. (See Shotgun Policy.) If you are renting one of our firearms, you must shoot ammunition purchased from On Target.

We do not allow tracer or incendiary rounds. You may shoot steel rounds ONLY IF the target is placed no closer than 25 yards.

We do not place an age restriction on minors. They must be tall enough to reach the shooting bench (4 ½ feet tall). You must be 18 years or older to come by yourself. You must be 21 or older to rent our firearms. (If you are 18-20 years old with a valid hunting license or active duty military ID, you may rent rifles or shotguns.) We cannot sell handgun ammunition to anyone under the age of 21.

No reservation is required. Lane rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. Only range members are allowed to make lane reservations.

Members are not required to pay any lane rental fees. They also receive free gun rentals, can make reservations, and more. See our Membership section for a full list of membership benefits

All memberships are sold in-store. Visit our receptionist desk to sign up for a membership. You can fill out the membership form and receive your new membership right away! (Please bring your driver license with you.)

Call us at (949) 348-0352 ext. 2 or email us at info@ontargetrange.com. Your reservation is not complete if you do not receive a confirmation. Please do not leave a voicemail for a reservation. Reservations can only be made on the same day with at least 2 hours’ notice.

Click here for a comprehensive list of everything that is required to purchase a firearm in California.

Yes, we accept firearm transfers. The firearm(s) must be CA-compliant; no “assault weapons” or threaded barrels on handguns. All handguns must be on the CA DOJ Roster of Certified Handguns. You will be charged extra return shipping fees for any firearms that are not on the list or are considered by California to be “assault weapons”. Transfer fees are $75, in addition to the DROS (CA background check) fee of $47.19. Range members are exempt from the $75 transfer fee.

Yes, we buy used guns or take guns for consignment. Bring your unloaded guns to the gun sales counter and ask for the manager.