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Firearm Transfer

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    QTY Description Amount
    Ser. #
    (member $50 nonmember $100)
    DROS FEE ($25 Cal DOJ & $10 Processing) $35.00
    We MUST have the COMPLETE FFL contact info
    *write down exact model

    All payments are subject to forfeiture if
    ownership transfer is not completed within 30
    days of DROS processing or if DROS is cancelled
    by DOJ

    Federal regulations provide that if you do not
    take physical possession of the firearm that you
    are acquiring ownership of within 30 days after
    you complete the initial background check
    paperwork, then you have to go through the
    background check process a second time in order
    to take physical possession of the firearm.*

    I understand that if I am unable to
    take possession of the firearm at the
    end of the 30 days I will be charged
    $5.oo per day storage fee, starting day
    31, and at the end of 90 days the
    firearm may be declared abandoned
    and sold to recover storage fees.*

    Firearms are very dangerous. On target has given me the opportunity to ask questions regarding the firearm I
    have purchased. If I have any further questions I will ask a knowledgeable person.*

    No person shall make an application to purchase more than one pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person within any 30 day period
    and no delivery shall be made to any person who has made an application to purchase more than one pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon
    the person within any 30 day period.*

    On Target is not an authorized warranty center for any manufacturer and does not offer any warranty above the manufacturer warranty . All
    warranty claims must be referred to the manufacturer.*

    I understand and agree with all the terms of this contract, including all initialed paragraphs, deposit
    forfeiture, storage fees, and firearm abandonment policies stated above.*


    Children are attracted to and can operate firearms that can cause severe injuries or death. Prevent child access by always keeping guns locked away and unloaded when not in use.
    If you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison


    A los ninos los atraen las armas de fuego y las pueden hacer funcionar. Ellos pueden causarses lesiones graves y la muerte.
    Evite que los ninos tengan acceso a las armas de fuego guardandolas siempre con llave y descargadas cuando no las este utilizando. Si usted tiene un arma de fuego cargada en un
    luger en que un nino tiene acceso a ella y la usa indebidamente, le pueden dar una multa o enviarlo a la carcel

    What is taxable?

    Retail sales of tangible personal property in California are generally subject to SALES TAX. Examples of tangible personal property include such items as furniture, giftware, toys, antiques, clothing, and so forth. In addition, some service and labor costs are subject to sales tax if they result in the creation of tangible personal property.The most common example of a purchase subject to the use tax is a purchase of an item for use in California from an out of state retailer. Out of state retailers who are engaged in business in this state are required to collect the use tax, whenever applicable, from the consumer at the time of making the sale.

    The BOE is clear that On Target Indoor Shooting Range, LLC, is considered a retailer and must collect SALES TAX on all retail transactions through our shop
    The BOE is equally clear that On Target does not have to collect USE tax from our customers.

    USE TAX is where you order something from out of state, or purchase an items used from another individual, you are supposed to pay USE TAX on your state income tax return at the end of the year. SALES TAX and USE TAX are not the
    same and are not interchangeable

    I, (Buyer), assume total and complete financial liability for the payment of any and all USE/Sales Tax for this firearm transfer. I have read and understand that there might be a liability and, further, release On Target Indoor Shooting Range, LLC from any and all liability for monies involved by this transaction and related Taxes.


    Firearm Transfer Policy

    A transfer contract must be filled out and signed in person BEFORE the gun will be accepted by OnTarget.
    A transfer fee must be paid BEFORE the gun will be accepted by OnTarget.
    The firearm(s) MUST BE CA LEGAL!*

    CA Legal Firearms are defined using the following guidelines:
    Handguns MUST BE on the CA approved handgun roster when the gun is DROSed.
    Must be on the list by EXACT model or SKU number.
    Changing the standard capacity magazine out for a 10 rd. mag DOES NOT mean the gun is on the list.
    Example: SIG P2299BSSCA is on the list, whereas SIG E299BSS is not (even if the seller switches the
    magazines for 10round magazines.)*

    Rifles that are considered "assault rifles" by CA DOJ must have a bullet button.*

    "Assault rifles" must have an overall length of 30 inches.
    If the overall length is achieved by adding a muzzle break, the muzzle break (or any attachment) must be FIXED
    to the gun. If we can take the additional piece off the gun at OnTarget, the firearm will be shipped backed to
    the shipper immediately.*

    The rifle barrel must be 16 inches long.*

    No magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds, unless the customer is law enforcement.*

    No magazine "parts kits." They will not be accepted. They will be returned to the shipper immediately.*

    Straw Purchasing

    Buying a gun for someone who is prohibited by law from possessing one or for someone who does not want, or cannot have, his or her name associated with the firearm transaction is a "straw purchase". Purchasing a firearm for a denied relative, spouse, or boyfriend is a crime.

    • An illegal firearm purchase (straw purchase) is a federal crime.
    • An illegal firearm purchase can bring a felony conviction sentence of ten years in jail and a
      fine of up to $250,000.
    • Buying a gun for someone who can't, can cost you your good name and may result in
      severe criminal legal actions.

    By signing below you understand that it is your responsibility to maintain the firearm either
    locked away so that the denied person has no access to the firearm at any time. It is your
    responsibility to maintain control of the firearm in such a way as to deny them the ability to even
    touch the firearm or ammunition.*

    Further, you have been given every opportunity to ask any question about this purchase and, when asked, you have stated that you understood the rules and regulations.

    Serial Number:*


    The firearm(s) listed on the front of the sales form from On-Target Indoor Shooting Range, LLC., are, at the time of this sale, in compliance with all California laws regarding Assault Weapons, as listed in

    • Category One: Firearms specified on the original Roberti-Roos assault weapons list. (Pen. Code, § 30510, subds. (a),(b), and (c).)
    • Category Two: Firearms specified on the AK and AR-15 series weapons, pdf. (Pen. Code, § 30510, subds. (e) and (f).)
    • Category Three: Firearms defined as assault weapons based on specific generic characteristics, often called "SB 23 assault weapons." (Pen. Code, § 30515.)
    Print Name:
    You may have a copy of this and all other paperwork involving the
    purchase of this firearm
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