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CCW Initial Classes / Renewal Classes

Concealed Carry Weapon

Orange County Sheriff’s Department

We have Initial Classes and Renewal Classes Scheduled for

Weekday Mornings and Evenings

Weekends – Saturday or Sunday

To renew your CCW we have created the most flexible times and days of the week to support you.

DOWNLOAD FLYER for Renewal Classes

Check our Schedule Below

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NOTE: Under the State Requirements of Penal Code Section 26165, you must attend a 4 hour class to renew your license every two years and we have created the perfect place for you to do that.

Classroom Instruction:

o Firearm Safety – Carry and Care

o Review current laws regarding CCW carry restrictions

o CCW holder responsibilities

o Practical Exam

o Range Time

o Practice time for each firearm on your license

o Qualification shoot


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