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Range Safety Rules

Loaded guns are not permitted anywhere in the building but on the firing line
All firearms must be securely cased until they reach the firing line
All rental guns will be unloaded with the action open in a basket until in the shooting booth
Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times by all people entering the range
All firearms must be uncased and re-cased in the shooting booth on the firing line
No handling of any firearm behind the firing line
The firing line is the red concrete flooring at each booth
Eating, drinking, and smoking is prohibited in the shooting bays
Firearms are assigned to the lane and remain on that lane, Shooters may move between lanes
Keep the muzzle of the gun pointed down range at all times
Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
Pistol targets must be set a minimum of 7 yards down range (1 st line)
Rim-fire and pistol caliber rifle targets must be set a minimum of 15 yards down range (2 nd line)
Rifle targets must be set at 25 yards down range (all the way back)
A malfunctioning firearm must remain pointed down range and requires the RSO’s attention
Shots will be no faster than one shot per second—rapid fire and double tap are prohibited
Holster-drawing is not allowed
Uncased rifle must lay on the floor pointed down range when not in use
Rifle cards are issued to an individual and may not be shared by others
Police your area by sweeping brass out into the bay
Do not throw brass in the trash cans, we recycle